My name is Clarinda, I am very passionate about life, but I think I can say that my biggest passions are fashion, food and traveling. I grew up in a very small village, which I still love, but I’ve always wanted to see the world and discover every beautiful part of it.

How it all started?

It was March 6th 2016 when I took the Plane to Athens. Ready for a new adventure, not sure what the adventure would be. It was for sure not my first trip, but the first time I would travel alone and the first time I only bought a one way ticket. Ready to see the world! Since I do not have a huge amount of money on my bank account, I thought of different ways to see the world and discover the beauty of it. So I decided to work abroad. Best decision ever! So right now I am discovering Greece and places nearby, I am already thinking about my next destinations, but you’ll never know where life will bring you. What I do know is that I want to share it with you.

About the Blog…

I do not travel alone anymore. Right now I see the world together with my cute boyfriend. I can really recommend you to travel alone for a thousands different reasons, but there is nothing better than discover new places and travel the world together with someone you love.

Our current hometown is Athens, and right now we are planning to discover all beautiful parts of Greece and places nearby. Greece however, will not be our final destination. As I have already mentioned, I want to see the world. On this blog I want to inspire you by sharing all the beautiful places I’ll go to, but I will also share with you how I make it happen.

Of course I will tell you about the best beaches, restaurants and shopping places (since I cannot deny that I’m a fashion girl). But I also would love to tell you about fascinating historical places and the beauty of our planet.

So are you interested in:

Tips & Tricks for traveling
How it is to work abroad
Budget tips!
Inspiration for weekend trips, vacations or world trips
The background of places we visit
Nature and History

In that case I am sure you will love my blog! I’ll try to post a new blog every week. I hope I can inspire you, because that’s my main goal.