Historical fact about Lisbon

On the 1st of November 1755 one of the most deadliest natural disasters the world have ever experienced took place, In Lisbon, Portugal. It was the heaviest earthquake Europa ever had to endure. 75.000 lives had ended as a result of this terrible earthquake.

Huge parts of the city, many important and historical buildings where ruined. This is why the Lisbon of today doesn’t have much of an old town, or historical buildings. The only area that survived the earthquake somehow, is the Alfama area. This is where you can still walk around in small streets. If you keep walking upwards you will eventually even find the old castle on top of the hill.

After several considerations, the king of Portugal decided to reconstruct the city completely with wider streets and many squares. Until today the city has, to my opinion, a real royal character. Not to forget that Portugal was the first European country to start colonies overseas and despite its economic situation now was once a very rich county which they were proud to show in their royal buildings, public buildings and churches.

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