How to find a job abroad in 6 easy steps

1,5 Year ago I made my decision. I wanted to work abroad. There were several reasons that made me make that decision. The most important one was that I wanted to see the world and I didn’t had a bank account that could support that. I figured out that finding a job in a different country is a good way to see more of our planet. During my study I was already inspired by leaving the Netherlands for a longer time, not only because I wanted to see more of our planet, but also because I wanted to know if I would be able to be one my own for a longer time. Furthermore I was very curious about the experience of having a job abroad, meeting new people and learning about a new culture.

The plan was always at the background, since I really like my friends and family and I was afraid I would miss them too much. 1,5 year ago I came at a point in my life that nothing seemed to work out. It seemed like everything I tried just had to fail. However, I forced myself to see this as an opportunity and made the decision to start looking for a job abroad. This was much easier than I thought and before I could realize what was going on I was on my plane to Athens.

Everyone has their own reason to start looking for a job abroad. It is for sure a good way to travel a lot and learn more about cultures and countries. You also get the opportunity to work in an international environment and you might be surprised about this experience. In general it is something I really like an I’ve learned a lot from it, but to be completely honest, it’s not always fun and it can be pretty hard sometimes.

Whatever your reason may be, you have made your decision: you want to work abroad! But what is next? How do you find a job? In this blog I will explain you how to find a job abroad in 6 easy steps.

I will focus on the way that I found my job, which means that you will probably end up in a call centre. I didn’t care, I only needed a way to finance my life during my stay in a different country. This might be different for you.

  1. Know what you want

This brings me to my first point: Know what you want. It will definitely influence your way of searching If you prefer a certain country or job. Especially searching for a specific job can make it more difficult to find a job. However there are certain branches where you can easily find work abroad. Think about work as a nanny, tourism, catering industry,  nurses, farmers and call centre jobs.

During your interviews your will often get the questions: why do you want to work for this company? Why do you want to work abroad? And why do you want to work in this specific city our country? Knowing the answer on these questions will not only help you during the interview, it will for sure make it easier when you just start searching for a job.

  1. Résumé check

This might sound like common sense, but your résumé will be very important. Your résumé has to be in English, and to make sure everything is correct I can recommend you to let other people check your résumé. On the internet you can find several amazing lay-outs which can be really helpful to create a clear and personal résumé. Furthermore I can recommend you to save different kind of résumé. Especially when you are not searching for one specific job our country. Not every job experience or class you ever took is interesting for every employer. Make sure your résumé is clear and the employer that is checking your résumé will see immediately the experience that is important for this job.

  1. Subscribe

I was so excited when I uploaded my résumé and completed my subscription for the first time. There are a lot of webpages offering many jobs abroad. Once you have uploaded your profile and made it public it will be visible for employers and recruiters. I also allowed them to call me and starting from the day after I published my profile I was receiving two to three calls each day from recruiters and companies.  Of course this depends on how specific you are in your search to find a job abroad.

These are some of the websites I subscribed on:


Sales Jobs, Customer Service Jobs, IT Support, IT Jobs, Accounting/ Finance, Recruitment Jobs

Top language jobs

Offers jobs in many different branches all over the world but mostly in the UK and Europe


Dutch recruitment centre that offers a lot of help just to make sure that you will find the job you are looking for.


The recruiters that work for this company are offering you a lot of help. On their page you will find jobs in Europe, especially UK and some jobs in Africa.

  1. Prepare

Once you get noticed on these website you will receive calls and e-mails. Be prepared for these calls. When you can answer the questions I’ve mentioned before you are already half way there. Probably the first call will be with an recruiter. This person will ask you what you are looking for, what you are expecting, what your motives are, if you have enough money to re-locate (they will also inform you about this) and how much you are expecting to earn. These calls are not difficult and very informative for you too.

Once the recruiter knows what you want he will offer you some options. This is where the real interviews are getting started. Depending on the company, you will probably have three sessions. The first session will be like a real interview you probably had many times before. You just have to convince them that you are qualified for the job and that you are motivated to work and live in a different country.

The second session will probably be a test. They will for sure test your language skills, and mostly you also have to make some extra test that are pretty easy. For example, I had to translate small pieces of text from my  native language to English.

The third session is with someone of the department you will start working for. This probably will be a lot more personal, they already decided that you are qualified for the job, they just want to know who you are.

Don not worry if it didn’t work out the first time. You will have many new changes and it really depends on the company, the employees and the kind of job if you will get hired or not.

Bonus tip: on the internet are a lot of website with “example questions” that might help you during your interview if you prepare them. The website of Careertrotter that I mentioned before can be very useful.

  1. Be available

Once you have upload your profile on one of these website you will receive several calls and you will do many interviews. Make sure you are available for these people and interviews. Also, once you have start this process things can go really fast. Most companies want you to start as soon as possible. I started subscribing myself in the beginning of February 2016 and on March 6th 2016 I was on my plane to Athens.

  1. Just do it

Once you are sure you want to work abroad, don’t think about everything to much and just do it. Don’t be afraid of what is coming. If you are afraid that you will miss your family and friends too much, just make sure you have some money left to go back to your hometown, so you can go back whenever you want. Although you have to do a lot of interviews and tests, don’t think you can’t do it.

Bonus: Interested in working in Athens Greece? Don’t be afraid to contact me. I will be more than happy to give you some extra information and even more important, I can help you getting that job.

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